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Sunbird P56

Sunbird P21

A must have for every modern camper. The Sunbird P56 portable solar charger is foldable and easy to carry with you on your adventures. When your gadgets need to recharge just find sunshine and unfold the panel.


The Sunbird P56 is equipped with a USB-C port that lets you charge your devices on the go.


  • USB-C output 45W
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Low weight (1.34 kg)

For the modern camper

Elevate your camping experience with the foldable Sunbird solar panels. Providing a robust solution for charging your devices using solar energy, they grant you access to free power no matter where your travels take you, enhancing your independence and enjoyment of the great outdoors.


Included with the Sunbird is: 2 carabiner hooks and a USB-C to USB-A adapter.


Highly Efficient:

Built upon Sunpower monocrystalline technology, these solar panels deliver maximum power output. For optimal performance, position the Sunbird in direct sunlight and watch it work its magic.



With IP67 protection, these solar panels are designed for durability, allowing you to use them confidently in any environment or weather condition.



Weighing only 1,34 kg, the Sunbird solar panels are remarkably lightweight for their size, ensuring hassle-free portability without compromising on performance.

Maximum power 56W / 19.8V / 2.83A

VOC: 23.76V

ISC: 3.11A

Cell type Sunpower monocrystalline
USB-C PD3.0 5V/3A 9V/3A 12V/3A 15V/3A
Folded size 21 x 28 x 3.5 cm


Here you find the manual for the product.

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